Power Flush Service

Our power flushing services are essential for prolonging the life and maximising the efficiency or your boiler, pipework and all other wet components of your heating system. A Boiler Engineer 4U engineer runs a powerful fresh water flow through the whole system to blast out contaminants such as sludge, scale and installation debris: leaving your central heating system as clean and efficient as it was the day it left the factory.

Boiler Engineer 4U deliver power flushing either as a standalone service or as part of a new installation or replacement package. Our power flush service will help:

  • Descale your boiler
  • Eliminate boiler and circulation noise
  • Clean the whole system in a single visit
  • Deliver optimum flow rates throughout your system
  • Cut your heating bills

Having your heating system power flushed reduces the risk of creating pressure backups that eventually cause cracks and leaks. It also reduces the occurrence of cold spots, fuel inefficiency and pump failure. Prolong the life of your heating system and unlock its true efficiency potential with a Boiler Engineer 4U flush through. Just call us on 0800 779 7547 (or contact us through the email form on this site) and we’ll give you a free, no obligations quote for the work.


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